Action, adventure, mystery, courage, romance, gunplay, explosions, exotic locales (Paris, London, New York City, Dallas, Naples, FL, Oakland, CA) ; the author's books have them all and more.

E.E. Hunt
, a retired Episcopal priest, is that author of these adventure novels inspired by his church assignments and residences in Paris, London, Dallas, New York City, Naples, FL and Oakland, CA.

Contact the author at his email address, crowfoot20@aol.com.

Website updates (12/2/21):
  • Dr. Hunt's latest book, Fentanyl, Earthquakes, and Ukraine, is the 9th in his criminal series with drug smuggling in the San Francisco Bay.

    The titles are, in published order:
    1- Paris Under Siege, 2- Paris on Fire, 3- Terror on E 72nd Street, 4- Terror in the City of Lights, 5- ISIS in the City (NYC), 6- The Eagle at Grosvenor Square, 7- Naples, Florida, COVID-19 Terror Tale, 8- Cling and Wait, 9- Fentanyl, Earthquakes, and Ukraine.

  • Note: His books A Death in Dallas and Terror on the Border are concerned with human and drug trafficking acoss the Mexican border.

  • The author's earliest book, Sermon Struggles, has been added to the NON FICTION section below alongside Aristocrats of the Spirit.

  • Reviews of each book are on their respective pages (see links on left).


Paris Under Siege

A New Yorker undercover, a New York female reporter, an embassy political officer, a female Muslim seek to stop an Algerian terrorist from destroying five American institutions in Paris, France. Fatima saves Charles in the desert and when they reach Paris, they join forces with the others in a thriller full of suspense and vivid desriptions of Paris.

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Paris On Fire

In the Casbah of Algiers an Algerian terrorist recruits radical Islamists to incite violence in the suburbs of Paris, to kidnap the American Ambassador, and to destroy the Eiffel Tower. Aboud, who survived the havoc he caused in Paris Under Siege, is again up against the four musketeers: a female Muslim heroine, a woman New York reporter, an undercover New Yorker and the political officer of the American Embassy.

Terror in the City of Lights

Traveling to Paris on vacation two New York Federal agents are directed by their supervisor to assist four anti-terror fighters in Paris, three American and one a female Muslim, all labeled by a Paris newspaper as four modern musketeers. They are being hunted by an Islamic Algerian Salafist who seeks revenge for his brother's death hat occurred in a shootout in the Casbah in Algiers. The four are joined by French special agent Jules Crouseau who although considered awkward 'gets his man' in his own unusual way.


Terror on East 72nd Street

A violent encounter on East 72nd Street in Manhattan begins a struggle between US Federal agents and Canadian terrorists who seek to destroy the Statue of Liberty. The knifing in New York city results in a game of cat and mouse which takes the reader to the Catskill mountains, Vancouver and Victoria, an abandoned 1844 Brooklyn rail tunnel which leads to a stolen water front fireboat.

ISIS in the City

Those of us who have lived in big cities can imagine the danger presented by radical Islamic terrorists, but suppose at the last New York City Thanksgiving Day parade, the ISIS members in this book had terrorized bystanders. Would it have been such a fun day or a very tragic one? The terrorists in this book are after the very heart of the city today after its prior attack on 9/11.

Cling and Wait

The characters in this book fly to New York City after the protests and are shocked by the damage done by the loss from the rioting. Black lives matter but violence and destruction of property in the process of Justice becomes another form of injustice. Rev Dr., Martin Luther King had it right that nonviolence is the most powerful form of justice seeking, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition, and he gave his life to support that premise. This book is a challenge for those condemning the death of George Floyd to use Dr King's approach and be less Marxist in today's American society.


The Eagle at Grosvenor Square

Home after a long but interesting day, Steve Hallcroft, political officer at the American embassy in Paris, France, announced happy news to his fiance, a foreign correspondent for the New York Mirror. He was to be assigned in what he thought was a safe place to work. Little did he know about the things to come.


A Death in Dallas

A U.S. Army hero wounded in the Iraq war finds his true self helping a female victim of human trafficking in Dallas return to her home in Mexico. With a private detective and the detective's fiance, the foursome confront the gang responsible.

Terror on the Border

Mexican cartels have for many years been active on this side of the Mexico/ Texas border in drug and human trafficking, but are now often shielded by so called legitimate businesses. Terror on the Border vividly illustrates this growing problem. An innocent Mexican girl, Juanita Delgado, a victim of human trafficking, and her flawed ex-sniper American husband heroically fight the malicious leaders of the Lobos cartel.


Naples, Florida, COVID-19 Terror Tale

This book concerns an Iranian terror attack against the paradise city of Naples on the west coast of Florida to revenge the American-caused death of General Qassim Soleimani, Iran’s primary leader of violence at the time. Four vacationing Americans—two from New York City, a married couple: Ted Edmunds, an FBI agent, and his wife Sherry, NYC 19th Precinct lieutenant; and two friends from the American embassy in London: Steve Hallcroft and his Welsh fiancée and secretary, Bronwyn Esther Morgan—are invited to enjoy a vacation in Naples. But they are interrupted by the local sheriff’s office to help him stop terrorism, and they do so, with the complication of the horrid COVID-19 pandemic. They are soon head over heels in a tough assignment rather than a vacation, and it leaves its mark on them.


Fentanyl, Earthquakes, and Ukraine

In earthquake prone Oakland, California, two FBI agents along with two DEA agents are sent to investigate and destroy illegal fentanyl drugs from China arriving on Cargo ships. There are several shootouts with several Chinese ships and in one terrible fight beautiful and courageous Tanya, of Ukrainian heritage,is wounded..When she is visited in hospital by her fellow agents she tells them of the horrific fight her family in Ukraine have been having against Russian aggression. When she recovers there is a celebration by her and the agents who pray that both the danger of fentanyl abuse and Russian genocide will end.


Sermon Struggles

Sermon Struggles is a common-sense analysis of four basic ways of preaching. It is illustrated with incisive sermons which demonstrate each procedure, and with analyses of each sermon's beginning and development that will be of significant help to anyone who preaches regularly.

Aristocrats of the Spirit

These are records of men and women of all faiths who influenced me at different times of my life and are indelibly memorable to me. They are "artstocrats" not because of being born to wealth or status but because they have influenced others for good, either the common good or for someone’s enriched personal life. They are “aristocratic” only because of their own individual positive selves. These are people I have either been related to or have met one way or another and in whom I admired their sense of decency or the way they endured their personal struggles.

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